Countertops are usually used in the kitchen and the bathroom. Hostesses often operate these places. Therefore, the issue of the durability of the item often comes first. In the case of a bathroom, thickness is not as paramount as moisture-resistant properties. However, in the kitchen, where the countertop is operated as much as possible, it […]

By purchasing a countertop made of stone, you get a functional and practical product that will most become an interior decoration, making it unique in Orlando. Our company is the largest representative of the wholesale and retail market for natural stone and its products. We are direct suppliers of stone from its mining sites, so […]

  Who made the repairs knows that the most expensive rooms for implementation are bathrooms and toilets. Communications, tiles, plumbing, and quality work – all this will take a significant part of your budget.  You can make high-quality budget repairs if you know what you can save on. Where to look for building materials? Who […]

A bathroom countertop is a must-have for any modern bathroom. With its help, the bathroom can be transformed into a more ergonomic, convenient, and elegant room. In a competent performance, the bathroom can become your pride, and you will admire it every day. Benefits of Granite and Quartz Countertops The use of natural stone in […]

Granite Shapes


There are two ways you’ll shape granite: conservatively or radically. Conservative shaping refers to modifying the edges. It may seem not much like a change, but it’s a noticeable and it makes a difference. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, it can add a subtle pizzazz and tie the elements of the design better. […]