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High-quality granite countertops with best-in-class expert installation and competitive pricing brings you unbeatable value.

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15 years in granite business. We use only premium stone that is source from the most reputable distributors

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Our experienced team of professionals are a cut above the rest. We provide reliable, efficient and courteous services.

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We carry 700+ slabs in stock. Moreover, we grow our stock regularly to keep up with the latest trends and styles.

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Quality Marble Countertops Installation in Melbourne FL

As the owner, I can personally guarantee quality of our granite countertops in Melbourne and the ability of our workers. I personally oversee the process of manufacturing and installment of our products and personally make sure that everything we deliver is of the highest quality.

I make sure that all our products are something that I’d want in my on home. If you want to make a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, granite countertops Orlando by Edstone Inc. will make it a reality.

If you want to create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, Edstone Inc. will help you make your dreams a reality. From kitchen granite countertops, to bathtubs, to vanity tops, Edstone Inc. provides the highest quality granite materials and service to make your kitchens and bathrooms look like a piece of art.

With decades in the business and a highly experienced staff, we will make sure that the products you receive are top of the line, and that you enjoy working with us from start to finish.

Edstone Inc. is the most reputable supplier of marble countertops, and granite countertops in Melbourne Fl. We offer and incredible variety of materials and design for countertops Melbourne FL, vanity tops, bathtubs, and bathroom floor and wall tiles that will satisfy any preference of every customer.

We also provide a 1-year warranty with all our countertops. Give us a call for a free measure and quote. We are looking forward to working with you.

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The reason marble remains so popular is its elegant good looks. This igneous stone comes in a wonderful display of color. Your choice of hues includes solid white, solid black, and various colors in the rose, yellow, gray, green, white, and black spectrums. No two slabs are alike, so you will have a unique countertop for your home.

There are two main reasons that marble countertop installation is not recommended for the kitchen. These concerns are serious enough that some marble countertop manufacturers won’t provide a warranty for their countertops if they are installed in the kitchen.

The first one is the porous nature of marble. It’s much more porous than granite, so it more quickly absorbs liquids. That means that oil, wine, and other spills penetrate deeper into the stone very quickly. It's really hard to get it out. Be cautious with things like nail polish, liquid makeup, or remover in the bathroom. That can stain the tops. Marble's natural beauty often leaves people undeterred by this eventuality. However, some sealers are commercially available for the DIY, as well as professionals who can help.

Marble should be sealed every few years. However, if it is not done properly or often enough, staining is a “not if, but when” proposition.

The second reason to be concerned about marble kitchen counters is that the material isn’t sturdy enough for the kitchen. Sharp knives can scratch the surface. Heavy pots or mugs may chip the marble or even break off a corner. These are the primary reasons some manufacturers won’t warranty marble countertops if used in kitchens.

Marble is heat resistant. In the kitchen, it stands up well to hot pans and pots. It’s popular for fireplace surrounds because it won’t yellow due to the heat and can withstand the occasional spark on its surface.

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