When it comes to kitchen counters, those who opt for either marble or granite tend to be more satisfied than others.  Marble and granite both look fantastic, are easy to clean and stand the test of time.  However, there are some differences of note between these two stones. Aesthetic Differences Marble and granite are completely […]

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone — but quartz countertops compared. All of your family members have their individual preferences and priorities when it involves kitchen design. For example, maybe Dad has his heart set on a white marble counter, while Mom worries that it’s too hard to take care of the youngsters […]

The granite is a natural stone that speaks for itself, and as so, we don’t feel the need to convince our customers. Actually, not only that we don’t need to urge them to choose it, they ask for it as the first material for their new kitchen. Granite is considered to be the best choice […]

Countertops are an essential item in any kitchen. It’s a place where we prepare our food, enjoy our meals, and set things on as we head out the door. Are you thinking about replacing your countertops? Here are a few tips you can follow that will help you get prepared for new kitchen countertops!  Communicate […]

Cleaning your granite countertop can get tricky, as natural stones are porous and should allow liquids to penetrate their surface, which could potentially cause stains. The simplest way to prevent this from happening is to properly seal and clean your granite countertops regularly. Sealing your countertop is easy and relatively inexpensive. First, perform what’s colloquially […]