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It is… The hardest natural material available (besides diamonds and quartzite). Virtually impervious to stains that may occur in the kitchen or heavy commercial application. Incredibly scratch-resistant. Typically, we recommend you use a cutting board when cutting, or you will dull your knife!! Dozens of different edge shapes and thicknesses to choose from. Dozens of […]

Ever wondered about converting your laminated countertop into a plush granite surface? Well, that’s an easy and inexpensive project! Yes, you’ll have a good-looking faux granite countertop gracing your kitchen, without the requirement of replacing the prevailing laminate countertop. All you would like to try to do is follow the steps mentioned below and have […]

Though white is a neutral color, choosing the right granite color for white cabinets is confusing. Here’s how to choose granite colors for white cabinets and make the task easier. A lot of you may like the idea of having white cabinets in the kitchen because of the openness the color white lends to space. […]

Perhaps you are planning to install granite countertops and are searching for granite countertop prices. No worries, since this article is precisely what you are looking for. To know the details, keep reading. Before going into the details of granite countertop prices, first, you need to know some granite countertops’ pros and cons as to […]

A great number of people around the world are getting mindful of the look of the different spaces in their homes, especially the kitchen.  If you want to give your kitchen a better look, the first thing that you need to decide upon is your countertops.  There are a lot of stone countertops to choose […]