5 Reasons To Choose A Quartz Countertop


As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone — but quartz countertops compared. All of your family members have their individual preferences and priorities when it involves kitchen design.

For example, maybe Dad has his heart set on a white marble counter, while Mom worries that it’s too hard to take care of the youngsters who need an area to eat and work on their projects during which they will relax rather than worrying constantly about using coasters and avoiding spills. Overall, everyone wants a countertop that brings joy, not stress.


Quartz counters can do all those things, making your home livable and cozy because it is gorgeous. Consider these reasons that purchasing a quartz countertop from Edstone Inc could also be the proper choice for you.

⓵ Feels like a stone. With quartz, you’ll still enjoy the solid, stone feel of a countertop. For hardness and sturdiness, it’s like granite. Quartz countertops are extremely immune to scratching, chipping, cracking, and other damage. Homeowners should exercise caution with hot pans and always use pads and trivets; that’s true for any sort of countertop. However, quartz is more heat resistant than most people think!

⓶ Looks like a stone. One among the explanations quartz countertops became so popular is that the variety and top quality of the stone lookalikes. Available in many colors and patterns, quartz can realistically mimic marble, granite, soapstone, and other possibilities also. Quartz solves the foremost common complaints homeowners have about natural stone, in order that they can enjoy their “stone slab” without the fear.

⓷ Doesn’t need to appear as if stone. Although there’s no disputing the sweetness of marble and granite, some homeowners prefer a countertop that doesn’t mimic naturally mined stone slabs. With quartz countertops, you’ll have a look that’s unique, yet still luxurious and high-end. BEG’s concrete, speckled, and solid-color black or white quartz countertops fit perfectly within the industrial, modern, or contemporary home.

  • Easy maintenance. when you compare all luxury countertop surfaces, quartz has the simplest maintenance requirements. Unlike natural stone, quartz doesn’t need annual sealing to become immune to moisture, staining, and bacteria. No special cleaners are required, either. Just use a touch of soap and water, and your quartz counter will stay nearly as good as new.
  • Increased home value. Did you recognize that quartz has now surpassed granite because of the top choice for countertops? meaning quartz kitchen countertops are a beautiful point for those that decide to put their home on the market.

Homebuyers know that they’re getting an easy-care, long-lasting luxury countertop that’s beautiful, too. It can help increase a home’s asking price, and even help it sell faster.

Select one of Edstone Inc Orlando showrooms below to preview our vast collection of quartz colors and patterns. Our friendly staff is prepared to answer any of your questions and assist you to find the right countertop.

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