What is the average price of granite countertops installed?
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If we talk about the total average cost in the market, then the material with the installation of a granite countertop will cost from $ 2,000 to $ 1,500
Cost per square meter $ 50

Granite or quartz countertops, what is to choose?
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Granite countertops – decoration of kitchens and bars. Granite is almost twice as strong as marble. In favor of granite speaks higher hardness and low abrasion, increased resistance to high temperatures, acidic and alkaline environments.

What is the life of the granite countertops
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Let’s start with the fact that the oldest rocks of granite composition date back to 3.8 billion years, and the youngest granites are 1-2 million years old. That is, some 500-1000 years is not a period for it at all, imagine that your granite kitchen countertop can last so many years! Yes, of course, with intensive use in the kitchen, over time, it will lose its shine, possibly even scratched, but this can be easily corrected by re-polishing. Roughly, such a procedure should be carried out once every 10 years, depending on the intensity of operation.

Does installing granite countertops increase home value?
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The granite countertop will certainly become the main decoration of the kitchen.
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