Cambria Quartz Countertops


From contemporary to modern and everything in between, Cambria quartz countertops can be fabricated to have different edge profiles.
Quartz countertops are certified by Greenguard as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality and can be installed in any environments. Cambria quartz surfaces are tested for radon emissions which has been proven that they don’t emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

 Quartz surfaces are considered to be as hygienic as a stainless steel surface. Surfaces are maintenance-free, so you’ll never have to seal or polish them.

Cambria quartz surfaces contain 93% natural quartz stone.

Some quartz produced abroad may be adulterated and not subject to safety or quality standards, lessening performance, and eliminating hygienic benefits offered by a premium brand like Cambria.

Brand offers a variety of gray design styles to help you achieve the perfect tone and movement to suit your space.

EdStone Inc is a distributor/fabricator for Cambria Quartz surfaces in Orlando and Central Florida.

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