Quartz is the best Natural stone product for kitchen countertops

By purchasing countertops made of stone, you get a functional and practical product that will most become an interior decoration, making it unique in Orlando.

Our company is the largest representative of the wholesale & retail market for natural stone and its products.

We are direct suppliers of stone from its mining sites, so our prices are minimal when purchasing slabs & finished items.

The process of making countertops from stone consists of several stages:

– Taking measurements directly at the site (our masters will come to you and make all necessary measurements);

– development of a countertop project, if it is necessary;

– 3D visualization of the project;

– coordination of the developed project with the customer (if  customer wishes, we bring you to plant, and you will choose exactly stone that you want);

– manufacture of the product itself;

– delivery & installation of countertops.

We guarantee optimal production time and high quality of our quartz countertops.

You can safely entrust the project to us because we:

– We comply with contractual terms: we supply stone to order & prepare products within the specified period. We agree on terms at time of signing contract;

– provide a turnkey service: employees make measurements, bring material, process stone, install finished product;

– we suggest coming to the showroom before the order: you can look at samples and choose a stone version for the interior.

Also, we have in stock rare marble slabs to not waste your precious time looking for suitable options. You can buy countertops made of stone from us according to your design project because our company has its high-tech & modern equipment. 

Our works

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What are the main advantages of natural stone countertops for a bathroom?

You can order a good bathroom countertop that fully matches your idea of ​​beauty, practicality, functionality. It is also possible to order a flat countertop made of granite or marble, common to several furniture elements and a separate one – as a stand for the sink. A wide selection of colors & patterns of various marble or granite deposits allows you to choose countertops in the bathroom’s interior of any style. The richness & attractiveness of the countertops of light and dark marble, made of red granite or the naturalness of green granite, will be an excellent indicator of the bathroom owner’s taste. The aristocracy and luxury of marble used in the manufacture of bathroom countertops will be a reason for the pride of a person who wishes to buy such a countertop from marble. 

The price of quartz countertops made of marble or granite – depends on their model, processing method, size, other factors. At the same time, it is worth considering that  price for which you can buy a tabletop in the bathroom is an indicator of respectability and willingness to pay for uniqueness, unique individual appearance, the durability of use.

Our main desire was to make a service, which is the indifference to the smallest details & highest reliability of our products & durability. We have our production complex for stone processing, where we are ready to implement all your stone projects from economical to unique, both for organizations and individuals.

Our capacity is enough for production of individual products in an apartment or house and projects to equip hotels, business centers, medical centers, and so on. Following world brands & trends in interior design is not only our job; it is our passion. 

We produce not just beautiful high-quality furniture. Each product is a kind of masterpiece made according to an individual project of the customer. We actively strive to offer the best of them for you and are constantly searching for a new one. We are pleased to offer our customers a full range of services for production of stone products – the personal manager will advise you on any issues related to the manufacturing of  countertop, as well as our employees will measure, manufacture, deliver install products as soon as possible. The natural color palette of natural stone is extremely diverse! Variations of different shades, textures, and individual stone patterns allow us to create granite & marble countertops for any taste fit them into any interior. 

Our specialists will provide you with detailed catalogs and help select material that meets all your requirements – color, operational properties, price. Countertops made of marble & granite bring a special atmosphere to the interior, and you will be able to realize all your design dreams. The modern abundance of artificial analogs cannot replace the “living” natural material, which always creates a special atmosphere. Natural stone products are not just decor or interior items. They truly shape the environment, charge with natural energy and help to feel a tide of forces. After all, it is in materials that we feel “soul,” special individuality, and expressiveness.

Each stone product is truly unique. The unique natural beauty &harmony of quartz stone will make your home a more natural environment in which you will feel truly comfortable. This uniqueness is embodied and visually: stone in the hands of our masters can take any form, giving birth to unique things in a wide variety of shades!

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