Granite Countertop Prices


Perhaps you are planning to install granite countertops and are searching for the granite countertop prices. No worries, since this article is precisely on what you are looking for. To know the details, keep reading.

Before going into the details of granite countertop prices, first, you need to know some granite countertops pros and cons as in why would you invest in their installation. It comes to me that you have finally decided to go for granite countertops installation in your brand new house, great! But then, if you ain’t aware, you ought to know what goes in installing granite countertops, the cost I mean. I am sure you are aware that granite has been a popular choice for countertops and many of your friends must have recommended you for the same. Of course, they are right in all sense! Granite looks aesthetic and is definitely an option that would prove useful in the long run. However, knowing the details of the costs associated with it is a necessity here. That is what we are going to discuss in the paragraphs coming up.

Cost of Installing Granite Countertops Discussed

If you are wondering is installing granite countertops a DIY project? The answer is straight yes however, you have to be an expert only after which you can go for the steps. Granite, though strong and durable, is very difficult to cut and polish and should be done by expertise, always. Also, it isn’t lightweight either and the installation would require much of your hard work and patience. If you are confident enough, then go ahead. The granite countertop prices would be economical in this case.

Because of its amazing physical properties and of course, the installation procedure, it is expected that you would have to shell out much when you actually plan for installation. Here, you need to know that the cost of granite countertops in kitchen would come up to around $60 to $120 per square foot which is alike for bathroom countertops. As I mentioned, what really makes it expensive is cutting granite countertops and edging the corners to get the appropriate shape that you wish to install. The actual process of installation is not that difficult however, cutting is the trickiest. And therefore, it is recommended to go for the contractors.

Another important aspect that affects the average cost of granite countertops is the kind of granite you want to use. There is a number of granite countertops colors for your choice and the pattern and design which you choose to install is going to affect the overall cost, at large. Alternatively, if you are planning for granite tile countertops, then cost would reduce up to $30 per square foot approx. Granite slabs or modular granite, on the other hand, is expensive and thus here, the cost would entirely depend on how much of area you want to countertop.

When you inquire about rates from contractors, you must know how it goes about well beforehand. First of all, you need to measure the length and the width of the counters for the kitchen countertops. Multiply the value by the cost suggested by your contractor and the final value gives you the exact cost of granite countertops per square foot. I would say, go for the contractors which you could trust, are reputed and do the needful in less money. Another thing to remember here is, granite requires frequent polishing and waxing as well as sealant application so these costs add to the granite countertops maintenance and need to be taken into consideration as well. Apart from this, if you are planning some additional installation, say backsplash, the granite countertops cost would increase accordingly.

All in all, installing granite countertops is a fair bet and the granite countertop prices basically include the cutting, the transportation and installation prices, all together. Well, you should know how to clean granite countertops after you have installed them, so go through the aforementioned link. Good luck!